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Hi and thank you for coming!

We are two passionate postcard lovers running in our free time, as we believe in the power of a simple postcard in the digitized world.

Our aim is to create impactful postcards together with artists and NGOs. Providing not only beautiful, unique and limited edition postcards to admire, collect or send, but also engaging our supporters (you) in touching stories of kindness and dedication.

Most of the NGOs function with extremely limited finances and survive solely from the kindness of the volunteers, gifting their time for the cause. Our goal is to support such NGOs by transferring the profits made by the sells of postcard sets. Every cent that is left after deducting postage and printing costs is transferred to a good cause. Furthermore, we are making it transparent: at the end of every year, you, as our supporter, will get a detailed information how much funding reached the organization.

If you are curious about us, would like to join us as an artist or NGO, or simply have further questions, we are happy to receive your postcard or email: