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Set 0 is out!

Set 0 is already here and is ready to be ordered!

After a long months of work and waiting the Set 0 is finally ready! The postcards are ready to be ordered starting the 28th of February 2021 for as long as we still have them.

The set 0 is telling a story of the urge to get out, illustrated by 8 beautiful postcards created by 3 artists. We are excited to introduce each of them and their wonderful work individually in the following days.

Did you lately had an urge to get out? We surely did, therefore the postcards are exploring human and animal feelings of this urge. Sometimes it is a happy wish to get out and enjoy newly available scenery and space , and sometimes it is a desperate urge to not be left inside for so long. There are quite many other important urges for getting out that we did not cover this time but how would you relate to this feeling?