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Russian Warship, go f**k yourself


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The last week was a shock to many of us. What is happening in Ukraine at the moment is heart- and life-breaking not only for everyone who had to flee or fight for their home and freedom, but also for the rest of the world.

In this time of horror and grieving we stand with Ukraine and invite you to show the solidarity together! We launched a special edition of postcards named ‘Russian Warship, go f**k yourself’ in support of incorruptible bravery of Ukrainian brothers and sisters: in the gravest danger of being killed, Ukrainian solders do not surrender to protect their life, but send Russian solders to … f**k themselves. This is the attitude the Ukrainian nation is going with – everyone in the country resists the occupation without sparing their life: civil people block the roads for Russian military vehicles, throw Molotov’s cocktails from their windows, signs as volunteers to fight in combats.

As our humble contribution, we offer these postcards basically for free* (0.01€ per postcard). Feel free to order as many as you might like: send them, share them!

In case you would like to donate, Blue-Yellow is a trustworthy NGO that supports Ukrainian army since annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Слава Україні!


*We still kindly ask you to pay the shipping fee, which depends on the weight of the letter (4 postcards are the cheapest weight class, followed by up to 10)

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