Set 2 – Free the future


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Created in collaboration with 3 artists, revolutionary (literally) set 2 is telling a heart-breaking story of a nation wishing to break-free from a self-declared political leader.

Belarus is the last dictatorship in Europe. It has not seen a change in leadership since 1994, when the first democratic elections after the independence from Soviet Union took place. In 2020 a new fraudulent election took place, people voted for change, yet got the same corrupt authoritarian leader. In peaceful protest thousands of people went into the streets in demand for fair election, yet they faces oppression, violence and political persecution. The human rights and speech freedom situation in Belarus is severe and needs out immediate attention. Even though economical sanctions seem to work and cripple the regime, opposition supporters need resources to sustain the movement.

From each set purchased we will donate 9€ to BySol, a foundation helping victims of political oppression. These are the people who lost their jobs, got imprisoned or had to flee the country due to their political views. The foundation helps them to pay legal process bills and fines, supports their relocation to safe locations. Moreover, BySol supports independent media, which is persecuted by the regime as only state approved media is allowed. This foundation has been recommended by artists.

By ordering this set you will receive 9 extraordinary postcards created by 3 artists. Because of the art displaying opposition symbols, colors and ideas, artists are not save in Belarus anymore and had to flee their home. They kindly agreed to share their work with a hope of better future for Belarus. In hope of free future.

Together with the set you can order a sticker sheet.

Now it is our turn to support democratic movement in Belarus and share the revolutionary postcards with the world! But be careful, this art is so dangerous that the regime leader deemed it illegal.



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