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Set 3 – Innocent prisoners


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Set 3 is following a fantastic Lithuanian organization GATO that is fighting for the rights of the voiceless – animals. They care not only for domestically kept pets but also for illegally held wild animals. GATO believes that animals should not serve for human entertainment, especially when kept in poor and not species fitting conditions.

For the Set 3 we will be following a story of illegally kept wild animals that have been rescued and relocated to a more appropriate housing. Unfortunately, only the minority of rescued animals can be re-introduced to the wild, as many are not fit anymore to survive in the wild. Many animals are malnourished as the diet is not fitting their nutritional needs, they lose fitness due to the too tiny living cages and so goes the list on. GATO organizes animal rescue and inclusion into wildlife sanctuaries and re-wilding projects. They have already conducted (and are still conducting) many missions liberating tens of animals, such as bears and lynxes.

We are extremely excited to work with GATO and support their remarkable mission eliminating human caused animal suffering. With EVERY purchase of Set 3 9€ are donated to GATO.

Monumental photography used for the postcards is created by Emilija Vinžanovaitė  (@fromformtoform)

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