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Our values is not only an online store selling postcards. We aim to create impactful stories told by NGOs in a form of a postcards that stand for:

☝️ Kindness. Some organizations with the least finances do the most impact to our society. They survive solely on kindness of volunteers, gifting their free time to the cause. We value the work they are doing and donating the profit from postcards sells to the featured NGO.

✌️ building connections. One postcard is worth a thousand emails, isn’t it? Postcard is not only a nice picture in your mail box, it is also message of care, love, and support. Sending a postcards takes time to choose one, write it, bring it to the post box and it makes it special. It makes it personal. Let’s bring postcards back!

✌️☝️ uniqueness. Our postcards are prepared in close collaboration with NGOs and artists supporting it. We hope to show the passion and work behind the stories that organizations have told us. And we are not afraid of postcards being critical or not cute enough. All postcards will be limited edition, and not reprinted after being sold-out.

✌️✌️ Transparency. We are ready to report our progress towards each postcard set as well as how much funds reached the organizations.

If you like postcards and agree with our values, we are going the same way! Let’s change the world one postcard at the time: join #postcardadventure!

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